Prayers of Honouring Grief

Prayers of Honouring Grief

Pixie Lighthorse

Prayers of Honoring Grief is the third book in the Prayers of Honoring series. This book challenges your acculturated beliefs  about “getting over” loss or holding it to a schedule. It asks you to take the time to honor your feelings, so that you may express them and move them through your body. It’s gentle request is that you make time and space for fully experiencing grief. These prayers are a reminder of your connection to something greater, which holds you while you are healing.

There is a void left in our culture by the absence of death rituals or rites of grieving, and this book is a lifeline for those coping with that void. PoH Grief encourages you to see grief as a natural, normal part of life: as a process for working with deep, embodied wisdom to heal after loss. In Pixie’s words, we can “honor our unfulfilled dreams and desires, our missed opportunities for love, and the depths of our pain, both individual and collective. We can lift, sing and pray the lost parts of ourselves back home.”

With the deep assurance of lived experience, Prayers of Honoring Grief guides you through pain and discomfort to clarity, giving rise to the potential for aliveness, vitality and community beyond suffering.

  • 28 prayers, 7 for each cardinal direction.
  • Space to the left of each prayer to journal, collage, and draw
  • Journal prompts at the end of each section and space to write

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