Birch Circle

Set your intention, create the space, make it happen.

Made by hands with heart

We love to share stories of the artists and makers that create these beautiful products.

Tiny Ritual

We can't say enough about our favorite candle maker. Carlyn makes the most beautiful hand rolled candles. Each candle has a crystal embedded in the base. We love to give these as gifts and we love to use them at home all of the time. Setting an intention, lighting the candle, creating the ritual.

In Carlyn's own words

"Candles are powerful little tools we can use to not only create the atmosphere for any ceremony, but also as a ritual in themselves to strengthen and focus our own intentions. When we go deep inside and figure out what we need, what we want to create, what kind of life we want to design for ourselves, and when we consciously set those intentions, major shifts can happen. For many, candles and wishes go hand-in-hand: on your birthday, light a candle, make a wish, blow it out, hope wish comes true. Whenever I feel the need to come into ceremony to work an intention, I always add a candle to pour my intention into. As the candle burns, the intention is released up and out where it may come to fruition if it is for the best and highest good."

Pixie Lighthorse

We love the work of Pixie Lighthorse. She is the author of the Prayers of Honoring series, written to restore bonds between people and nature while healing interior patterning and spiritual/religious trauma.

It is not uncommon for people to read one of her books and come back to buy the whole set, or buy copies for friends and loved ones. Her words are powerful and moving. They make great companions for a daily meditation practice as they spark deep reflection.

Some more of our favourites

By Wirth

Design that loves growing old

Marumitsu Poterie Japan

Beautiful french inspired pottery from Japan

Jamie Gentry

Traditional Handcrafted Moccasins