Komorobei Vase (tall bud vase)
Komorobei Vase (tall bud vase)

Komorobei Vase (tall bud vase)


As with the Japanese ‘ikebana’ art of flower arrangement, the game of lines, rhythm and colour is central to the Komrebi vases of Denis Guidone.

The borosilicate glass plays with the light, creating a special optical effect. The delicate forms express an invitation to add an abundance or just a simple touch of colour with a single flower or a well-orchestrated sequence of natural elements. 


Multi award-winning Italian designer Denis Guidone divides his time between architecture and design, commuting between Milan and Tokyo. Fascinated by the contrasts between the East and the West, he merges the aesthetics of these two extremes with unconventional and strict precision into an elegant, eye-catching appearance.


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